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Meet Leigh Webb: A Pioneer in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry

For over two decades, Leigh Webb has been a leading figure in the cosmetic tattoo industry, transforming lives with her expertise and dedication. Based on the sunny Gold Coast, Leigh's journey began with a passion for art and beauty, which evolved into a lifelong commitment to enhancing natural beauty through cosmetic tattooing.

Leigh's extensive experience and innovative techniques have earned her a stellar reputation among clients and peers alike. She works with an amazing team of passionate professionals who share her vision and dedication to excellence. Together, they create a supportive and inspiring environment, ensuring every client receives the highest level of care and artistry.

The Gold Coast, with its vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for Leigh's work. Her studio is a haven where clients feel welcomed and valued, knowing they are in the hands of seasoned experts who prioritize their individual needs and desires.

Leigh Webb's commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends sets her apart. She regularly attends advanced training sessions and industry conferences, bringing the latest techniques and innovations to her practice. This dedication to excellence ensures that her clients always receive the best possible results, whether they are seeking subtle enhancements or dramatic transformations.

Leigh's approach is not just about aesthetics; it's about empowerment.


She believes that cosmetic tattooing can boost confidence and enhance one's sense of self. Her work is a blend of artistry and empathy, creating natural-looking results that complement each client's unique features.

Join Leigh Webb and her exceptional team on the Gold Coast for an unparalleled cosmetic tattoo experience. Discover the artistry, precision, and passion that have made Leigh a trusted name in the industry for over 20 years. Your journey to enhanced beauty and confidence starts here.



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